Are the damning comments relating to the attitude of those residing in Bowral correct?

I am a 40yr old female and I am looking at possibly moving with my 3 dogs to what I thought was one of the most beautiful places on earth...Bowral. However , upon reading the comments left on this website concerning attitudes presented by the long standing residents of Bowral, I am no longer certain that it may be a place for me. Although I grew up in Rose Bay, Sydney and have been raised alongside wealth, I do not present with airs and graces and as such am a tad concerned I may be 'put in my place' so to speak by the supposed "ringleaders" of the community - something I do not want to have to do if not necessary. Are people REALLY as bad as the
commentators make out or are the remarks a perhaps a little bit ... hysterical?
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Kylie Bamber 2yrs+
Hi Kate,

Thank you for your message. I myself now live in Bowral but have not grown up in the Southern Highlands. I think people can take a quick opinion about Bowral and the people that are here.
Some people can be very critical and misunderstand their surroundings. I think there is good and bad points to all areas, that's including the community.

To be honest Bowral was not my first pick to live but after taking the chance I now love it and the people that I have met and now are friends, not to mention working here also.

It can be taken a lot out of text, my advice is come stay and get to know the area for a while and then make a decision whether you will move here and make Southern Highlands home. :)

I don't think you will be disappointed. If you are down this way and have anymore questions please feel free to contact me on 0412630111 and we can grab a coffee.

Many thanks
Kylie O'Brien
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Lancer1 2yrs+
Rent for a while first. Give it a year. You might find your niche quickly. If you come from Rose Bay you will understand the culture. We tried Bowral for a couple of years, but lived in Moss Vale for the other 20. We have now moved further north, where we are much happier. There are nice people tucked away, but the pretentious wannabes are fairly vocal; so they are the ones you see and hear.
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