Brooker Court, Woodville Park, SA 5011

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Reviews of Brooker Court, Woodville Park

"It can be noisy at times."

I never known an area like this street. Opposite me lived older people who seemed friendly at first. They were the nosiest people I've known. Always watching us and always asking us questions at first thought harmless. It got to the stage that they were like that and when I told them to stop that's when the trouble started as they told me I was the one that caused trouble because I wasn't meant to buy the house in the first place. They started spreading rumous and everyone believed their side of the story and I was further victimised and abused as I had no right to a voice. I was treated like I had no privacy living in my house and no right to live in my own house. I had lived there for 12 years and these two men acted like they owned the street and everybody.

Who lives here?

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Hi Annabelle, some people seem to act very strangely! Have you received any support from other people?


Living at Brooker Court at first people were friendly but people living opposite really had it in for us that we shouldn't have bought the house or had the right to buy it They involved all the people in the street because it was suppose to be meant for the son and would get upset with us if we would do things to it for eg paint and would compete with us as we had built a picket fence and the nasty neighbour said "all you need is a matchstick and the fence would burn" - what compliments, after a few years he builds a new bauldsraud fence and tells me childishly that his fence is better than his. When we bought a car, they would ask so many questions and after a few weeks the lady comes up to us and tells us "better you buy this car, our car much better than yous. Telling us off for fixing the garden, whatever we did to the house they would get upset as it was never theirs in the first place. Always had to know what you were doing, Such controlling and domineering nasty neighbours telling me that remember me as a 4 year old. Hello am I still 4 years old. They then spread gossip about me when I told them to stop this nonsense and I wanted to resolve this and they took offence as they wanted the upper hand.

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