Relocating from Melbourne to Burleigh.... Should I? Help!

Hey Fellow Homely Community,
I am 25 years old currently living in Melbourne. Considering a change and making a move to the Sunny State Qld.
I have only be to qld for 1 week at a time in holiday mode.
Just wondering if any locals could give me some insights on living life style. I am single, love to go out for meal or a couple of drinks at the local bar. I am a water baby love swimming, reading and relaxing at the beach. Either will be relocating with work or relaxing for a couple of months with maybe some side hospitality work.
I wont have many contacts in Qld so will be starting my network from scratch.
I am thinking of Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Varsity Lakes but open to other suggestions.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Thanks Guys.
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