What is the place like for eating out, shopping, etc?

Hello, I recently visited Camden area cuz I'm planing to move out there. However it shocked me a little- I've been living in a big city- how small the town is, I could be not looking at the right places but I couldn't seem to find variety of take outs, or big shopping centre around there. Can I get information on these please?

Many thanks
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Dear Catherine,

Camden is on a completely different scale to the city. You can not compare the two at all. Camden is well known for being a small country town.
There are many cafes, coffee shops and restaurants in Camden. If you were just driving through the main street you would have missed most of them as the good ones are located off the main street.

Camden does not really have a large shopping complex like Westfields however there is Macarthur Square on 20 minutes drive away in Campbelltown. Oran Park also has a large new shopping center which is due to open October 2014 and there is also Narellan Town Center which is expanding only 10 minutes from Camden.

It really depends on what you are like. If you want to go out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night to clubs etc Camden is probably going to be a bit on the slow side. If you have a family etc then you will love it.

I have lived in Camden all my life and love the area. The people are nice and caring. The area is very relaxed however it probably will take you a little while to adjust from the city. I am sure once you have lived in Camden you will not want to go back.

I hope this answers some of your questions.


Nicole Leechburch
Business Development Manager
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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