Can anyone recommend a dentist in the Carlton area?

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KaTra 2yrs+
Hello Kailee I have not been to a Carlton dentist however people have reviewed Smile In The City very highly on Google.

It could be worth checking out. Some notable reviews were

- Great dentist and friendly staff. Perfect for people who are nervous about dentists. Everyone was very friendly and thoroughly explained the procedures to me. The practice itself is also very nice and has a relaxing atmosphere.
- Friendly staff and accomplished dentists. I found the surgery to be modern and very chic. Would highly recommend

There were some negative reviews
- The person running this business is inept and is an arrogant individual, my strong advice is to keep away from them, there is so much better service available elsewhere and cheaper. Joa, I had the same experience as well, plus when I went back they were so rude and hurt me deliberately !!!!!
This is how the owner responded.
Dear Viktor, we are sorry to hear about your unsatisfactory experience. At Smile In The City, we pride ourselves on always providing impeccable dental work, as well as making sure our staff are friendly and professional. We want your experience at Smile In The City to be pleasant, efficient and worth your time. We have been a local dentist in Carlton for over ten years and continue to see patients returning and praising our work. It sounds like you did not have the same service we strive to deliver to all of our clients. If you would like to give us a call on (03) 9347 5513 at any time, we would really appreciate to hear more about your experience to ensure this never happens again.
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