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7th April 2021

"The Grand old Empress of colonial streets, in a grand historic river port:-Cathcart Street, in Girards Hill, Lismore"

Kingsford-Smith landed safely at the Grozier Field end of Cathcart street in June 1933, taking over 300 folks for joyrides overhead.
He had just completed the first crossing of the Pacific in an airplane, through sheer courage and technical excellence.
The Lismore Airport contains a memorial of this event, and a piece of linen from the Ford Trimotor's wing.
Cathcart street boasts a long history of colonial days, one of the earliest streets in the busy, bustling, port city with its long wooden wharves and gantries unloading supplies and loading timber and diary produce, for which the river city is renown, world wide.
The long street runs due North and gently climbs, at its southern end, to a flood safe height of 80 mtrs. above the Wilson River.
From here in upper Girards Hill, a secluded, privacy cloaked cul-de-sac, expansive city views, panoramic views of the surrounding World Heritage, mist-clad rainforest bedecked mountains, and Mt Warning-Wollumbin can be seen, along with continual refreshing Summer breezes.
This high end of the street offers a short walk/ride to the CBD, as well as an excellent walking track, connecting to the Lismore Golf Club, Basketball courts and state of the art Baseball Club and facilities.
The track leads from the very end of Cathcart street, steeply uphill, to the Robinson Lookout.
From there the Wilson walk meanders down to the river parklands, courts, links, connects with the CBD parks and is perfect as a fitness and leisure feature.
In summary, magnificent street in an historic river port city, which is smoothly connected to golden beaches to the East, Gold Coast to the North, and the superb and rare Gondwanan Rainforested Border Ranges Mountains to the West.
To the South of this busy, progressive and most socially diverse and welcoming urban centre, are some of Australia's richest soils and farmlands, together with the most adequate rainfall, produce perhaps the biggest bounty of prosperity of all.

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