Charles Street, Stanmore, NSW 2048

1.8(1 review)

Great for

  • Peace and quiet
  • Public transport
  • Cost of living
  • Eating out
  • Gym and fitness

Not great for

  • Pest-free
  • Safe and sound
  • Lack of traffic

Reviews of Charles Street, Stanmore

"Quiet by day, danger by night."

Within six months of living in Charles St, Stanmore/Petersham:

- the plumbing had been blocked all the way up the street
- the water became over chlorinated and ten had dirt particles in it, which the council said was normal but was undrinkable, especially when boiled
- there is a man who breeds pigeons and the house smells of burning pigeon about 3 times a week
- rats at night, which came from the house next door
- a shooting -
- a burglary on the same block as the shooting
- queries about where to find the nearest "sex place"

This is an excellent location, however, in terms of access to supermarkets and restaurants on Norton St Leichhardt and access to trains and buses on a regular basis.

Though it is lovely and pleasent during the day and definitely has perks, random people are always lurking in cars and I did not feel safe in the area at night.

Great for

  • Quiet
  • Close to Leichhardt Norton St
  • Public transport is easy to access

Not great for

  • Burglary and shooting
  • Rodents - rats, cockroaches, pigeons
  • Dirty water
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