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"Chirnside Road, Berwick"

Everything at your finger tips!
Chirnside Road is quite and beautiful area to live in.
Children have easy access to parks on Chirnide Rd and Schools within 2 to 5 minutes walk.
2 Milk Bars to choose from on a joining road called Bymerside Road with a lot of other convenient shops including Fish & Chips, Bakery, MiniMart, Restaurants, Pizza and so on.
My daughter attends Kambraya Collage on Bymerside Rd and l find the school to be of high standards. Primary school is located next to the high school. Other schools include, Beconsfield Private & Hailberry Private School are also a 4 minute walk.
Several Bus Stops also on Chirnside Rd.
Casey Hosptital is a 2 minute drive and walking distance to Berwick & Beaconsfield train stations. Chirnside Rd is so well positioned and a fabulous area to raise a family.
There are 2 childcare centres on Bymerside Rd and a medical centre on the corner of Chirnside Rd and Bymerside Rd.
Also there is a Westfield Shopping Centre, Public Library, Public Swimming Pools and Gyms only 4km away from Chirnside Rd.
Like l said, everything at your finger tips
We have lived on Chirnside Rd in Berwick since September 2000 and enjoy everything it offers.

This estate was incredibly well thought out in its development and as a mother of young children and teenage children. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Good Luck with your purchase.

Who lives here?

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Great review , You could not of said it better by saying Everything is at your finger tips.Well as we are the fasting growing suburb in the area it must be saying someting about the area.Great place to live and great people.Yes we do have our pocket like most places but these handful of hoons will be delt by the boys in blue.

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