Citylink Twy, West Melbourne, VIC 3003

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Reviews of Citylink Twy, West Melbourne

"nice road or is it?"

The citylink in Melbourne is sign posted for the slow driver and people who do not know road rules, people drive slow in the right lane, like idiots and do not allow others that know where they are going to pass, driving at 50 kilometers a hour in a 80 k area when it should be 100 K any way is sooo wrong. Police, wow where are they??? definitely not on the link, maybe they are all hiding elsewhere where they can pick on the elderly leaving all the druggies and thieves alone. oh that's right crime doesn't pay, only people speeding and drunk drivers pay. city link are not interested if a crook steals your number plate and uses them on a stolen vehicle , they will still charge you for all the times that your number plate goes through the toll way, and not help you when you complain about all the charges that thief has cost you

Great for

  • Some times it better to take the long way, its quicker.

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  • Too slow, to many speed restrictions, people need more education on how to drive on a motorway.

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Citylink Twy

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