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3rd October 2020

"Becoming a modern slum"

Over the past 5-10 years the street has become a modern slum. Multiple apartment buildings filled with compact housing boxes have been built/rebuilt and crammed in next to each other.
Rents continue to rise and owners lose hundreds of thousands off property values as views and sunlight are lost to new developments. Every apartment is a fishbowl with the only views left being into other apartments. Lots of natural light has also disappeared - new buildings are all built less than a metre from established apartment blocks. The street is also increasingly becoming a wind-tunnel. There are hardly any trees and with two new buildings about to start construction (one at no.42 still not finished) the noise is constant (radios blaring music, drilling, cranes, etc).

A once quiet, pretty street is no more. Claremont street is close to South Yarra station, Chapel St, and Chapel St Woolworths and those are the only things it has going for it now.

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