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4th June 2021

"Good quiet affordable area with property in the area increasing value regularly"

Atherstone cobblebank is a quiet family oriented area with a mix of cultures. It has good amenities with future development still to come. House prices have gone up and continue going up compared to when the estate began. Mix of rentals and home owners. People have always given Melton a bad name but honestly no reason for it there is good and bad in every part of Australian suburbs even in places you would classify as upper class areas comes down to who you associate with.

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  • Families with kids
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6th January 2021

"Cobblebank VIC 3338"

I work in Architecture in the CBD, and I purchased a large block of affordable land in 2017, then in 2019 designed and built my house in Cobblebank (originally in the Atherstone estate and part of South Melton). Having lived here a couple of years now I'd say 99% of the time the area is very peaceful, probably the worst thing to happen in my street so far is the occasional neighbour playing some bass music which is pretty minor really, the majority of the neighbours are friendly hard-working people, and wave or say hi to you whenever you see them.

The local Cobblebank train station was completed in December 2019 and is a good new station with regular services to the city, only taking about half an hour on comfortable v/line trains, Cobblebank shopping village is also under development and will open later this year (2021) and will feature Coles and other stores, a new hospital is planned, also a massive Bunnings store is about to open close to here too which is handy when you own your own home and need to make the occasional improvement or buy the odd fruit tree for the backyard.

I like how the area is both close to the CBD by train, and also close to the country, and towns like Daylesford, Ballarat and even Bendigo can be visited on a short day trip. There's also good recently-concreted walking and cycling tracks nearby which I have certainly utilised a lot for exercise, particularly during the lockdowns of 2020.

I have lived in South Melbourne, St Kilda, Maribyrnong, Derrimut and now Melton (and also a few places overseas) and I can honestly say that where I live now is more quiet and peaceful than places I've lived closer to the Melbourne CBD, another reason why I moved from Derrimut to here is because a Master's student, boarding in my house at the time, was beaten up by a gang of thugs whilst walking home from the Deer Park train station.

So far so good, yes it's part of the Melton Shire Council and there's the occasional bogan, but I haven't really seen druggies in this suburb, I guess because I keep out of trouble, and tend to move in circles removed from the criminal element, an element that exists in many suburbs and towns worldwide. Another bonus is the mortgage is low, and I don't stress about money these days as I used to when living in more expensive locales closer to the CBD.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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