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"Nice Place with everything at your doorstep"

I have been living in Cockburn Central (Vicinity complex) for a year now, before moving here I heard mixed reviews about the place and was skeptical to move. However, after moving and living here for a year, I now believe how wrong were some of those reviews that I read on some sites. Its a decent place with several eateries nearby, cockburn gateway at walking distance and the train station just next door. I have not come across any anti social behavior so far. There is some loud noise coming from the bar sometimes, but it usually stops at 10PM on Friday/ Saturday.

The only noise that has bothered me once or twice during the last twelve months is the police cars leaving late at night to respond to some emergencies, but even that is very rare.

The building I live in is neat and clean with decent neighbours and again I have not experienced any anti social behavior in the building as well so far. Overall, we are loving our stay in Cockburn Central and have at times pondered upon buying a unit in the same building.

Who lives here?

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