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"Family friendly treasure."

Currans Hill is great little suburb. We moved here 5 years ago and have loved it. There are lots of families with young children. The homes are older (15-20 years or so) , many are single storeys and we found it affordable (comparably with other surrounding suburbs). We renovated to make our house modern and fresh. We have lovely neighbours. It's close to the Mount Annan shops (Woolworths, chemist, post office, Coles, Aldi, petrol station, McDonalds etc...). And it's also close to Narellan, with all the shops, the movie cinema and restaurants.

Currans Hill is just off the motorway's exit onto Narellan road, heading towards Camden. So the dreaded Narellan road traffic is, for the most part, avoided. Currans Hill even has some little corner shops, there's an IGA, a couple of restaurants and burger and chip shop. People walk everyday with their prams and dogs and the kids ride their bikes and go walking with mums and dads in the early evening. It's nice. There is an active online community. Lots of mums and bubs classes/activities locally too.

Now the cons... it's hot. The heat has definitely been something we adjusted to, with lots of air conditioning. But it has only really been extremely hot (in the high 30s, into the mid 40s in December and January). A pool is something I would consider almost a necessity living here. We are steadily saving for an in-ground but happily splashing about in the blow up pool. You do have to be careful of snakes and magpies (breading season seems to last a long time). It does get windy in October and is cold (like down to -2) on the coldest of winter mornings/nights. We definitely have our gas heating going in the winter.

The local primary school has fantastic reviews from parents and the kids seem to be offered lots of great opportunities.
We are really happy here.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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