Just wondering if anyone can tell me anything good/bad about Webster St and nearby?

Keeping in mind we are 4 twenty year olds looking to move to Deception Bay for work and cheaper living from the NSW Central Coast. Not looking for anything too amazing but definitely a pleasant place to live. We are not hoons or immature at all, just 4 young people trying to become independent and kick off our adult lives. Although like most 20yr olds we do like a beer or two occasionally.
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Julie Rayner 2yrs+
Hi hg,
Not a bad spot to consider moving into. You'll be close to the waterfront and about 45 - 60 mins from the CBD or the Sunshine Coast. Local facilities are good (shopping, pubs, sports clubs and stuff like that) and transport options are being expanded with a train station being built in the region. The locals are a mix of ages and nationalities; the area is particularly popular with Islander groups and Kiwis; mostly families and people in your age group but some older couples are in there too. It's popular because it's close to the water yet still affordable for normal people. In the past the area has had a pretty bad reputation as 'boganville' but that's not what Deception Bay is now.
You'll have a pretty good choice in properties, either stand alone houses or townhouse living in a gated community (there are a lot of these types of complexes in the area, all of varying style, facilities and popularity) with rents starting at around $300/wk for a 3 bed townhouse and around the same for a 3 bed house, depending on where the property is located in Deception Bay.
Because of the areas central location and the development going on locally, you should also have a pretty good range of employment options, at worst, within 60 mins or so drive, depending on what you do or what type of work you're looking for.
In general, I think you'd like the area and it's definitely going to be a cheaper option than where you are now! If I can help further, give me a call or flick me an email ([email protected] or 0416 213 144)
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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