Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

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"Great Street Sometimes"

I lived in Dowling Street for 10 years, however recently moved, due to life's challeges, it's a great street nice and quiet early in the week, however come Friday and Saturday night's the William Street end becomes a Free Wilsons Car Park, out of towners who blow in for a geek at the Cross park cars there and stay to drink, talk and play music from the car stereos until they head up to the clubs, and when they return in their inebriated states, don't much care about how loud they speak, the young women shreak at the tops of their lungs until they head away in the beckoning sunrise. Sleep in Dowling St on the weekend for a working person is limited due to this.

Otherwise, the neighbourhood is quiet, the residents go about their business quietly, not overly friendly, but always a nod or a smile, and never rude.

Plenty of good local takeaways to tempt any palate, and loads of places for a beverage or 10. The buses are a bit dodgy considering so many service William St, it's either all or nothing, but the train service is fantastic and taxis are plentiful.

One should not forget it is located at the back of Kings Cross and the seedy side of this is always in the background, expect to see a junkie, a thug, a homeless person, or someone merely looking to make trouble. I made a rule of thumb, they won't bother you if you don't bother them, 10 years without incident is a good run, I'd say. I'd live there again, no question.

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