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"An area of future development?"

Eglinton is a generally unpopulated area in the northern suburbs of Perth, bounded by Alkimos at the southern end and Yanchep/two Rocks in the northern areas. It extends inland almost to the Mitchell freeway and is about 40 km from the Perth CBD. This area is flagged for development as a Satellite city of Perth in much the same way as Joondalup was developed. Development of land has begun with some estates being made ready for housing. The area is expected to house up to 55000 people and be self seufficient with its own hospital, commercial and retail sector.
Tiaa Just wondering why you gave it such a low rating?
It hasn't developed yet and I can see it being a wonderful place to live.
styx71 Hi Tiaa,

Should have noted that it wasn't a real rating - just an information based post with stars filled in half way to keep the computer happy! I think it will be great when it develops - a bit closer to the beach than Joondalup, so will offer a great opportunity to live in a town centre type area with beac access.
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