Can you recommend a trustworthy home removals company in Melbourne?

I'm moving from St Albanas to Fitzroy and I need someone I can trust to move my furniture for me. I have a master bedroom, an old wardrobe with two sections, a medium-sized LCD TV and a couple of cupboards from the kitchen. I lived in a small space and need to relocate to a bigger home, that's why I decided to move. Have any of you guys moved recently? Are you happy with your movers and who can you recommend?
And hey, if anyone in Fitzroy is up for a coffee, just send me a line. ;)
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joanna1st 2yrs+
Just moved to Richmond with my hubby so I believe our experience could be helpful. We decided to entrust the move to the Ray's Removals team ( ) as my sister strongly recommended them the last time she moved a couple of months ago.
The guys are dedicated and really hard working. We had them move a king-size bed which barely fitted through the halls of the building and a collection of handmade pottery and I must say they literally saved the day. Everything was safely transported to our new home along with the other furniture.
P.S.: We are not in Fitzroy but I'm sure we could exchange some experience on the move over a coffee somewhere midway around Abbotsford.
Don't forget to keep us posted with the move process. I'm keen to learn weather or not you called our guys or you're happy with someone else's work.

Kindest regards,
Joanna & Matt
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