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"Studios at 27 Fore St"

These are small, cheap studios. I can't recommend it due to the frequent noise (yelling, fighting, swearing, arguments, music/tv blasting) of just a few of the tenants. In a place that cheap, you'll get some nice, quiet neighbours, but also two or three jerks who spoil it for the whole building. Complaints to the real estate agent resulted in letters to every resident saying 'please be quiet at night' which, apart from feeling unfair, accomplished absolutely nothing. The estate agents aren't interested in kicking out any dysfunctional people that may live here (even if they make other people more likely to leave - go figure). Normal levels of noise also came through the walls, albeit muffled, and if someone had a conversation standing on the balcony outside, they might as well be in your room. You could live here if you knew you were doing it for financial reasons, temporarily. If you were hoping to stay long term, the bad neighbours and poor management would spoil it.
Also, cockroaches, large and small.

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