Does Forest lake state high school have good reputation in the area?

We may be moving to Forest lake only because I heard Forest lake state high school is a good school. Is it true? What do local people think of it? Anyone send your kids to the school? or has sent your kids there before?
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janicev 2yrs+
Forest Lake State High school is a fantastic school with caring teachers and both academic, sporting, musical and vocational choices for students. I have had 2 daughters graduate from the high school both with excellent ops. My last child is in Grade 8 in the light house class snd loves it.
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YOrulz 2yrs+
I couldn't go to the State High because it was being built. My 2 sisters and 1 brother could have but didn't. One set of neighbours chose to go to the private schools, and the other neighbours chose to go to the state schools.

My understanding = It's okay. Nothing special and not the worst. The teachers are generally quite good and due to the size of the school (number of students) the options for subjects and sports are vast, but there is bullying.

My opinion = Mum and I don't like the vibe there but it really all depends on your children. If they are socially confident and don't yet know what they want career wise, they'll be fine. If they are likely to be picked on or have a particular subject in mind, I advise you to look elsewhere.

I hope this helps you :)
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Mary1 Thanks for the answer. Is there any good private schools around there?
YOrulz The one in Forest Lake is called Forest Lake College, again on a personal note, I don't think it's anything spectacular but friends who went there seem to think it's good and the school seem keen on student events (musicals, debates, etc).
Alanna Ngo
Alanna Ngo The Forest Lake College has great comments.
blakeg I'm from forest lake state high and I noticed that you said theres a lot of bullying actually there isn't theres a lot of islanders who might muck around with ya but that's about it.
May 31, 2018
suel11 The students from Forest Lake State High even bully adults (Asian women) around the lake area. I can't imagine that they don't do the same to other students too. I was wondering if the school has any curriculum regarding anti-racism which is compulsory in other states, like NSW. I lived in Sydney and Canberra before. No student ever bullied me in any way, but here with Forest Lake State High students, it happens to me almost everyday. I'm sorry to say this, but students who bullied me have been all white. They yell at me, throw things at me, spat on me, and tell me to go back to my own country, when I peacefully walk around the lake. We're seriously considering to move to the North area now... It's really traumatising for me as an adult. How traumatising it would be for little kids if they are bullied. How do I know those bullying kids are from Forest Lake State High? Because they're all wearing the school uniform!
Sep 07, 2018
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