Fuller Street, Chester Hill, NSW 2162

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13th September 2020

"Noise and disobedience of road rules"

Been living in Chester Hill for the last 3 years now and realized 6 months into living in a house bought by my partner that it was not a good choice.
Cars speeding through little streets across the suburb driven by the young lebanese people. Blowing their motors here and then that ruined the quiet day or night when you needed one. I had a fight with a few neighbours who refused to accept the fact the roads are not there to be parking their cars in the middle of it for an hour of banter with their friends over the car window. Trucks from the nearing Woodville road as well as planes flying low just add to the overall disturbingly noisy environment. Another down side is lack of walking paths with cars parked in clusters everywhere which you have to walk around using drive-way roads. If you are after a genuinely quiet and peaceful place let alone being a rare species composing music like myself, avoid this area at all costs!

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