Should i build an investment property in Webberton?

I want to know where the house prices are heading with the oakajee port, upgrade of the beach front and the square kilometre array are heading? Is webberton the best area? What rental return could i expect from the area in a 4x2? what could i expect to be the vacancy rate to be like? Whats crime like in the area? Is it a desirable place to live for my tenants? What sort of people would i attact to renting a home in the area? And last but not least would you do it yourself if you had the means to do so, or would you look somewhere else in Australia?
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Webberton is mostly industrial estate. It is situated alongside a 'low income' suburb (Spalding) which probably has the second highest crime rate in Geraldton (don't quote me on that - only going from my long term knowledge of Geraldton as I have lived here for 12 years).
There are many other, more affluent areas of Geraldton that are well worth investing in. Strathalbyn is in high demand (with almost no rental properties available and expected rent of around $400-$500pw) as is Deepdale. Other desirable suburbs of Geraldton are Bluff Pt, Wandina, Forrester Park, Drummond Cove and Tarcoola Beach. These suburbs would attract families and/or professional couples mostly. High crime areas of Geraldton to avoid are Rangeway, Spalding (as mentioned) and Utakarra.
I myself would invest in Strathalbyn or Deepdale. Large spacious blocks (1/2 acre+), relaxed, quiet, family atmospheres and both are minutes from the city centre.
Hope this information helps :).

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