Is Gisborne nice to live in?

My husband and two kids are looking at moving out of inner city Melbourne.
We would like to explore Gisborne and get some info on what its like to live there?
1. How easy is commute to city? Ill be travelling 2 a week prefer train.
2. How friendly is community? Id love to make new friends my husband and I are sociable so wonder how welcoming people are.
3. Are schools good?
4. Is it multicultural?
5. Is it very quiet or there is a buzz on weekends?are there markets and regular places to gather and meet locals?
Any other tips greatly appreciated;).
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Hi as someone who liven in Gisborne for many years and commuted to work in City. I can help answer some of these questions.
Drive is easy down Calder freeway. Vline stops regularly at Gisborne st for train connection. Else drive to Sunbury and you can take a metro to city. Gisborne is a mixed local and commuter community. It is alive with sports and other cultural/arts events and groups. Local shopping has all you need for day to day and more. Some decent eating out and pubs on offer too. State schools are a mixed bag. My own kids went private and you have a few choices with state funded transport to these schools. I believe the community as it has grown, has become more multi cultural. I myself a migrant never felt out of place. Old village is buzzing with activities and all sports grounds close to the Viagra are fairly busy weekends. Otherwise the place is quiet and rural. If you plan to move join the locals in whatever interests you and life an be fun. We did cricket, swimming, soccer, karate, music among other things.


Thank you for commenting. Really appreciate the info. Hopefully we find a place as it seems rental market is very challenging at the moment nt

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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