What can I do about speeding drivers in my street? Penrith Council will not help

Bujan St Glenmore Park
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Always a difficult one..

Most council's will not do anything upon one person's complaint in situations like this, so a suggestion would be to be armed with back up. Speak with your neighbours to see if they feel the same, if you feel you can gain enough support, a petition with signatures is always a good place to start. Sometimes it takes a shawshank (redemption) approach, ie keep complaining, with the petition before a resolve is even discussed.

Then comes the resolve -
There have been many methods trailed to slow traffic down, but other problems can then arise. Speedbumps for instance slow traffic down, but then cause problems with extra noise from cars with noisy exhausts slowing down and speeding up., which can be a problem for houses parallel to those speed bumps.

Then there is a single lane chicane- like on kiber drive behind you or a raised s bend barrier's on the road like on bulu drive; effective with on coming traffic in the day, but not so at night with no one around, this also adds to more fun on the "track. Homeowners that live on the chicane, might not enjoy living there either, again with cars slowing down and speeding up.

Both these idea's also come with possible problems effecting selling a home too, with not as many buyers favouring living in front of them. (note-doesn't always cause a problem).

I'm a fan of the s bend's myself, not as drastic as kiber drive, more like the one at bulu, but then again if they are going to drive like that, they always will.

If it becomes too annoying, unfortunately there are only two options, stay or go.

P.s If you're thinking of moving, the market is very good right now in my opinion, so now might be a good time to decide.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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