Is there any public transport in Glenwood as of end 2017- start 2018? If not, how many want it?

How many of us want a bus service? I need to get to Brisbane Airport regularly - there was Tori's Intercity that stopped on the Bruce Hwy, but they seem to have disappeared. Am I missing something? It cost me $90 for a taxi from Gympie because Grehound won't stop between Curra and Tiaro. What do we do about this? How many residents would use a daily scheduled minibus between various Glenwood pickup points and Gympie? How about Gunalda, Curra? Is anyone else thinking along these lines? Maybe a co-op. I wonder why Pollies doesn't run a service. Lots of questions, but Glenwood is growing fast and it's mad we can't get to Gympie unless we drive or spend a fortune on a taxi.
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