Glyde Street, Albert Park, SA 5014

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Reviews of Glyde Street, Albert Park

"Move out fast...."

Dogs barking most nights. Lots of rubbish around the street, we had our car damaged on a number of occassions and property broken into


Local council not doing it's job with rubbith collection? Public housing nearby? What is causing these problems?

David Ferrari real estate agent
David Ferrari

i live in this street for over 4 years i have not had any of these problems in fact neighbours are friendly and the street is always clean. i rang the council the other day told them that a tree and branches on the foot path was sitting a bit low within 48 hours they came and trimmed the tree and took the rubbish away. I notice your review was back in 2009.....alot has changed since then.


i agree with david, i love in the area and its a lovely area , been living there my entire life so far , will be sad when i move out !!

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