Need advice for new area as we cant afford our area as much as we love it (Hammond Park)

so i would like advice for family friendly areas with good schools i have 4 girls age 1-8. also hubby works in forrestdale and our church is in balcatta so somewhere either in the middle or at least near hubbys work just not too close as i havent heard anything good about armadale, have been looking at suburbs such as byford, baldivis although baldivis seems to be going out a bit too far and i do like newer developed areas over older areas.. thanks in advance for all your help and advice!
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Stick to a new area. Wellard is looking promising. You're right about Armadale. Anything along that train line up to the freeway is pretty bad.

Moving to a nice suburb will make like 100 x better than moving to a bad one. Go for new developments.

I Lived along the armadale train line up and down it for 20 years. Worst years of my life. I didnt realise what living is supposed to be like until I moved to Dalkeith and Coogee.

Just move somewhere between the coast and the freeway and you'll be happy. The freeway is like a wall that separates the bad areas from the good in Perth.
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SheenaKodituwakku thanks so much for your advice dave much much appreciated! :)
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