What about medical facilties for children as I have three children two with determined disabilties?

My children have high functioning Autism or at least one does and my eldest child has severe cerebral palsy due to asphyxiation at birth. My youngest is still making life hard as she has verbal dyspraxia which makes it hard for her to be understood, and we are still waiting to find out about High functioning Autism. What facilties could I expect from around the area? I'm sure there would be a pharmacy/ chemist there of course not to mention the supermarkets.

Thanks anyway for any help provided.


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Karin1982 2yrs+
There is much support available for people with a disability in the Healesville area. First you need to get your children assessed and qualify for an individual support package. This is done through the Department of Human Services. Once you have received funding there are a number of agencies that can provide support for you and your family. These include but are not limited to Scope, Yoralla, EACH (Eastern Access Community Health) and Nadrasca. Your local Maternal and Child Health centre would also be a great resource for understanding what services are in your local area and linking you in with them. They would also be able to recommend a local doctor for your medical needs. If your children are of kinder or school age the local kinder or school should be able to support you in getting funding for an integration aid. Respite care is also available if you need to get out of the house and are unable to take the children with you or you simply need time away from them to recharge your batteries.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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