Do you like living in Ingle farm? ?

Is it safe and how is transport to the CBD?
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anniegg 2yrs+
Hi BB! I've been here for 10 years and it's not bad. I'll try and be as brutal as possible for you :) Ingle Farm is basically broken up into 4 quarters with approx 4000 homes, so you do have the meh areas and the really nice ones. Personally, I'm up the side closest to Walkley Heights. Is it safe? Yes. I have experienced 1 break in to the house (recently, first in 10+ years) and 2 times for the car (which was left in the driveway which didn't help - that was at least 7 years ago). While that may sound horrific, the rate is no better or worse than any other area and comes down to luck a lot of the time. Certainly, there has not been a crime spree or anything as the same Police Technician attends everything in the Holden Hill area and says Ingle Farm doesn't rate highly in terms of that type of crime. I can and do happily go for walks late at night and neighbours regularly do the same. Kids happily play outside and on the road with no major concerns.

Transport in the last 5 years has become superb in this part of the suburb. While the latest issues with the buses don't help anyone, we have the 501, 502 (including expresses), 202 and 209 nearby offering quick OBahn access to town and access to North Adelaide and TTP. They actually run quite late now which is great for shift workers.

Schools aren't bad however, if you have children, you may wish to research the local options. Ingle Farm PS is quite large whereas Ingle Farm East is small and sheltered. You also have the option of Prescott on Wright Road. City private schools runs buses up here including St Peters Girls and Pembroke.

Can't complain about the shops to be honest. We shop at Northgate purely because I like Woolies. Sometimes I'll even go so far as Fairview Park for the Foodland, but there's 2 Coles, Kmart, Drake, Foodland all within close proximity. Getting to the Plaza is seriously easy.

Houses in this area are slumping at the moment. You can get some real bargains varying from absolute bulldoze jobs under $250k right up to full renovated places for $330 ish. It really depends on what you're after and how much work you want to do. Given that they were almost all built by the Housing Trust from 1968 onwards, you may want to get a building inspection just so you're aware of any faults that have come up over that time.

To be honest, I don't know why more people don't look at Ingle Farm/Valley View etc. There are some great streets, Valley View has some stunning houses on the Ingle Farm side and has access to the Dry Creek park. For the money, it's not bad living.
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AnnaT1 2yrs+
I do not live in the area, but I have visited Ingle Farm. Yeah, it's pretty good for a starter and families with kids.
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