Best suburb to live in or around IPSWICH with a 2yr old boy?

Hello! I'm currently living in stanthorpe with my 2yr old little boy. Theres nothing here really, job wise, entertainment, play, family activities or places etc for myself or my boy, so anywhere else would be an upgrade within itself. I currently pay $270 a week have for over a year now, anything up to that price range or even lower would be ideal. Im looking in particular for an area that has it all, shops, supermarkets, parks, water play, family friendly, pet friendly, anything to get us actually out of the house. Studying options or jobs for myself, and at the very top of the list, an amazing DAYCARE!! (Home/family/small numbered classes daycares would be ideal). I dont want to live right off a motor way, freaks me out! Remember I'm coming from a place with no traffic lights. Haha my sister lives in yarrabilba, and it's very nice but not so built up yet. So anywhere near or arounds that has it all with little as possible crime/break and enters/stolen card etc of course wanting somewhere safe, every place has it's bad areas would love to be steered clear of those also! FOREST LAKE really appealed to me but it seems the average rental price is a little more than I can afford until I get a job. aappreciate it!
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