Isabella Street, Werrington, NSW 2747

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  • Families With Kids
  • Retirees

Reviews of Isabella Street, Werrington

"A lovely street to raise a family or retire!!"

This is a lovely quite street. Lots of retires live here and most homes are owned outright. Theres a public school around the corner and the station is about 10 mins walk. You have shops at the station and more shops on dunheved road..
You will be very happy if you buy a house in this street!!!

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

The house prices seems to be very reasonable in the current marketplace. Does the properties appreciate in price in your area? How far is this from Sydney? Do you many activities for the aged people, so they don't get bored sitting at home? Why not write more about the internet, bowling, doctors, shopping, restaurants, etc.


Isabella st in werrington is about 45-50 mins from the CBD travelling via the M4. The properties in this area seem to go up in value as land there isnt much land to build on in this area and the new ropes crossing estate isnt far either. And as more and more people move out west the prices for housing seems to rise. As for activities for the aged. There are a few comuntiy halls in the area which offer bingo and other social activities.There is a dog schooling about 10 mins walk up the road on a sunday. Theres a few lovely chinese restaurants and take offices with in walking distance. And about 10 mins drive in either direction you have st marys or the penrith plaza. This area is a fast growing comuntity with lots to offer and new residences that move here.

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