Has anyone sent their child to Ivanhoe primary school? What is it like?

We are trying to research and decide between East Ivanhoe PS and St Bernadette's PS , Marry Immaculate PS and Ivanhoe primary and finding it very hard to make a decision. Your experience of any of these schools would be appreciated.
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PureKrome 2yrs+
Hi Sunnydays :)

My wife and I just started PREP for our 5 year old @ East Ivanhoe PS this year (2 weeks ago, from the date of this post). We were looking at both Ivanhoe PS and East Ivanhoe PS.

We preferred EIPS waaay over IPS because we felt the facilities are more modern and there was a more 'private school' feel to the general feel of the place (both visual and curriculum). We went to both Open Days and they were both well presented.

We also felt that the IPS seemed a bit more over crowded? Some of the classrooms felt a bit crappy (Portable classrooms, or at least looked like it). Kids looked happy! There's a diverse range in both schools. So people say EIPS has more snobbier families there - each to their I suppose.

We're not Catholic so we avoided St.B's and MIPS. We know a few other parents who were at our Kindy (last year) and they are saying the room sizes are waaaay smaller (like 1 prep class, only) so in general they are both much smaller schools. Absolutely nothing wrong with that -> some people prefer that or don't ... purely personal :)

I'm not sure what year level(s) you're asking about ... but this is just from a first time school-parent, experience. I know it's not much, but hopefully that helps a bit :)

We're soooo happy we got into EIPS. (Our other choice could have been a Primary School in Alphington, for Ivanhoe residents).
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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