looking at buying in Ivanhoe

however it's pretty close to the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre, does anybody know if this will be redeveloped at some stage? Also would like to know what the smell factor is like. I am going to see an agent on Saturday and want to be prepared as they have already avoided mentioning this
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PureKrome 2yrs+
Hi Danielz :)

I live in Ivanhoe. In fact, I live _down the road_ from the BWRC also :) So I literally drive paste it _all the time_ to get to most places I need to visit. To be more accurate, I live about 300-400 meters away.

Does it smell from the street/where I live/ : No.
Is it noisy, etc: No
Do I use it: yes. I use it every few months for mainly green waste.
Does it smell when you're _inside_ the waste centre: hardly. (or does that mean i'm used to it?)
Does it generate extra traffic from outsiders: nope.

Will it be re-developed? I've never heard of anything about this ... but I don't read up on the things that happen in my area. So I'm not going to say 'no' ... but more that I'm ignorant and 'just don't know'.

That said, right opposite the BWRC is a largish appartment development going up! And next to that, a retirement living place is getting a massive re-development over the (previously) old one that used to be on that site. So it's all action-jackson at that intersection right now while the builders put all the lego pieces together, building the new property.

So if there's a new appt complex going up _right opposite_ the BWRC, then that would be a strong suggestion that there's little impact from the BWRC to the surrounds.

TL;DR; - I've never been impacted in _any_ way by it and I live 300 meters away, on the same road.

Hope this helps :)
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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