Public transport available around Karana Downs?

Hello all, my family and I are planning a move to Brisbane in the next few months and hubby will need public transport for work in Brisbane. We LOVE the look of Karana Downs (visit in person soon to follow) but we're getting conflicting info about public transport available. According to the Translink website there is nothing at all available at or near KD but I've heard from others that there is a bus service. Can anyone help me with further info and details? Thanks in advance!

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alisond2 2yrs+
Hi I have been researching Karana Downs and it has a Personalised Public Transport or known as PPT. There is a couple of coach companies that pick people up and take them to the bus stop at Bellbowrie were they transfer you over to a Translink bus. Which will go into the city of Brisbane. There is also a maxi taxi that picks people up and takes them to the bus stop as well. It is $1 for a ride and is free for people that are legally blind or children 5 years and younger. But you still have to pay for the Translink fare. The taxi's can carry up to 10 people. Only pick people up where safe and soon the fixed route. The route are on Brisbane City Council website. But the private school buses pick up the children.
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