24 hour places in Blue Mountains area and surrounding suburbs

Always feels like going for a walk in the middle of the night I just love being the only one up late at night and the quiet it is very relaxing and peaceful. But keen to know some. Late night spots past midnight or 24 hour locations.
I already know of the nearby 24 hour fitness gym and 24 hour BP servo or service station in Katoomba, any other spots? Woolworths and Coles close at midnight, so does domino's.
Query is for all suburbs from Lithgow to Penrith really.. maybe even up to Parramatta but I am in Katoomba so closer recommendations the better. Don't have car but can take public transportation and who knows maybe a taxi every here and now depending on how my week is going.. this is one of my only escapes atm so any valuable late night or 24 hour information is highly wanted.

Doesn't have to be just food. If there is a local RSL club that would work too.. since Katoomba RSL Club burnt down a year or two ago that is out of the question.

So what are your guys great recommendations?
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