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Kacey Mya
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At the end of a long day, your first instinct will be to unwind and decompress in your homely haven. You might want to spend time cooking a delicious meal or binge-watching your favourite show. Whatever you enjoy doing after work or school should be something that makes you happy, but that’s difficult to do if your home isn’t a peaceful environment.

Here are our top DIY ways to create a more zen home. By taking these strategies on board you’ll quickly feel the energy around your home changing into something more positive.

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Earthy tones

Give your home a natural, warm and down to earth feel by painting your rooms in earthy colours. The act of painting a room is a therapeutic process on its own, but when you use neutral, natural hues, you’ll feel more connected with the earth and foster a feeling of peace. Think shades of mushroom, terracotta and olive green to create a restful atmosphere.

 6/102 Mount Street, Coogee, NSW 6/102 Mount Street, Coogee, NSW

Calming sounds

You may already have a place in your home that is perfect for mindfulness activities like meditating and yoga if it weren’t for the noise. Some homes and apartments are in close proximity to neighbours and busy streets, so you can potentially hear everything from the neighbour’s TV to the fire brigade two or three streets over. Try hanging wind chimes around the outside areas of your house or even inside near open windows. They’ll fill your home with calming sounds that promote restfulness.

Another sound that people often find calming is that of trickling water. Try to find a small, indoor fountain that you can keep on the kitchen counter or in your home office. Wherever you find yourself struggling the most to block out the external noise, add something that plays calming nature sounds. Even if it’s an app that you play on your phone while you practice your breathing, the sound of a rainforest and babbling stream will calm and centre you.

Amplify natural light

Another way you can connect with nature from inside your home is to enhance natural light wherever you can. Hang sheer curtains, mirrors and keep the blinds open so natural light floods your living spaces and bedroom. You’ll feel a natural peace from the warming sunlight and you’ll help the earth by using less electricity for heating and lighting. Being good to yourself and the planet will ease your conscience as you transition into a mindset of less worry.

Simple furnishings

Living in a place that’s focused on zen has a lot to do with simplicity and minimalism. You don’t want to use up too many natural resources for things that will just sit around your home unused. To avoid paying too much and reduce waste consider upcycling found items or things you already own. Make your own pallet furniture instead of buying something new and mass produced. Pallets can be recycled into tables, bedheads, outdoor seating and even a wine rack if you spend a bit of time getting creative with a toolkit.

Declutter frequently

Sometimes what’s blocking good energy doesn’t have to do with what’s in your mind, but instead it could be the things in your home that can stress you out. If you don’t have a habit of cleaning and decluttering frequently, the mess may be blocking your zen. The mail stacking up on the counter or the clothes piling up on the bedroom floor can actually contribute to feelings of fatigue and stress. Deep clean and tidy your key living spaces monthly to allow good energy to flow through your home.

Promote positive energy

You don’t have to meditate all the time to find the right balance of energy in your life. What you bring into your home can help you create good energy, like Himalayan salt lamps and crystals. Salt lamps have grown popular in western culture because of the way they look, but also because people can feel a noticeable change in their energy. The salt provides warmth and balanced energy to any room, a practice of feng shui. They also look great with many décor styles, from modern to boho to Hamptons.

Achieving and maintaining a level of zen is something everyone should strive for in their home environment. It helps keep your mind and emotions in check while you deal with day to day stressors. While you can’t always keep negative energy away from you during the day, you can help cleanse your spirit and achieve that level of zen once you get home.

The energy you bring into your home doesn’t have to be the energy that stays there. By transforming your environment, you can make your living space one that amplifies positive energy and blocks out anything that could disrupt that. See what you can do in your own home to experience how much it can change your mind and your personal level of zen.

Kacey Mya
Kacey is a lifestyle blogger for The Drifter Collective, an eclectic lifestyle blog that expresses various forms of style through the influence of culture and the world around us. Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. Follow Kacey on Twitter and subscribe to her blog to keep up with her travels and inspiring posts!

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