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If you have the interior of your home organised, the next logical step is the garage or shed where you keep your gardening tools. Cast-off pieces from former farms and new storage innovations can both play a role in making your gardening more enjoyable by always having your tools where you left them.

A Desk Can Be a Perfect Potting Bench

You can repurpose an old desk and give it new life as a rustic potting bench in your shed or garage. It is the perfect height for containers used for planting. This bench also has a very convenient shelf under the work surface. You can use your power washer to get rid of old grime, making this a piece rich in character with lots of life left.

Old Shutter =  New Shelf

An aged shutter will be an instant shelf when you mount it on inexpensive brackets you can buy at home improvement or department stores. There is no such thing as having too many shelves in your storage shed. They help you to make use of all the wall area.

Seed Jars for Storage

Seed jars are vintage ways for storing everything from clothespins to tags from plants. These are not quite as easy to find, but you may locate them at farm sales. They work quite well for storage and they even have labels already attached.

A Handy Carryall

Vintage milk bottle carriers work great for supplies in your gardening shed. They can hold clippers, row markers, hand tools and fertiliser. This carryall works especially well for quick trips out to the garden area, or to your potting bench. Everything becomes more portable with milk bottle carriers.

More Storage Space to Harvest

Apple baskets that have been purposefully stained are the perfect size for holding birdseed and mulch under your potting bench. They are very cheap at flea markets, but if you can’t find them in your area, other types of baskets will work just as well.

Potting Soil Storage in a Washtub

A vintage washtub, with its own lid, is a great place to store potting soil. It is a large, useful size that will hold a few bags of soil. When you are not using your soil, you can put the lid on the washtub and use it for welcomed workspace. It will also keep critters from playing in your stored potting soil.

Hang it Up

A tool board will save many minutes you might otherwise spend looking for tools. Put your gear away on this board when you finish gardening, and it will be right there when you need it again. The board may be made from remnants of wood that you used when the shed was built, or from new wood stained to look “aged”. You can build any size tool board you need, for small or large garden tools.

 Having a tool board to hang your tools can prevent you from leaving them lying around or losing them. Having a tool board to hang your tools can prevent you from leaving them lying around or losing them.

Locker Baskets Offer See-Through Storage

Locker baskets like those used at old pools and gyms make superb storage baskets for a garden shed. You can find things easily, with just a glance. Store similar things in one basket, to make your gardening even easier.

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