Unique Storage Ideas for Your Home

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After you de-clutter your home, you can keep it more easily organised if you use these household items in creative ways. They will allow you to find things when you need them, and have necessary items readily available. 

Velcro Tape Is Handy

If you don’t want to fork over the money for professional electric/cable wire organisers you can do the same job yourself with Velcro. You may want to screw a hook into the underneath area of your desk or entertainment centre and bundle the wires up neatly, out of sight. 

You can also make tabs for your cords and cables, so you know what they are for (phone, DVD, TV, printer, etc). Place them at the ends of the cords, near their plugs or USB docks.

Repurpose Spice Containers

These clear-topped, short jars are found at kitchen supply and department stores, and they are quite handy for keeping rubber bands, paper clips, Post-it notes and other things out of the way until you need them. Otherwise, these things tend to clutter your desktop and fill up your desk drawers. 

 Reusing these containers can be a great way to store little items that can come in handy. 
Reusing these containers can be a great way to store little items that can come in handy. 

Recycle Jewellery Boxes

Remember those sturdy little boxes you have received jewellery in as gifts? They are perfect for storage when you clip them together for plastic flatware, lipstick, pencils and pens. You can even store jewellery in them, not that this is a unique idea. 

Tension Rods

If you are tired of hearing your lids for pots and pans rattling around in drawers or behind doors in your cabinets, use a short length of tension rod for a divider. You will have plenty of room for stacking pots and pans, and then you can easily lean their lids right up against the rod, on the smallest side of the cabinet. 

Baby Food or Other Small Jars

Baby food jars are not as easy to come by as they were when your grandfather used them for his workshop. Attaching these jars under shelves or tables is an old plan that still works quite well. You can use them in your home office, craft area, basement or garage. Super gluing or nailing the lids under a solid surface prepares them, and then the jars will simply twist into place. They can hold screws, nails, tacks, nuts, bolts and so much more.  

Re-Use Old Shower Curtain Hooks

If you have the room for them, you can place shower curtain hooks on closet bars for hanging purses and carryalls, right at eye level. You won’t have to worry about digging through purses on the floor of the closet if they are right where you need them. 

Use Coat Racks for Jewellery

If you have jewellery that you wear often, you can hang these bracelets and necklaces on a coat rack you have mounted to the wall. This places them within easy reach and keeps them from getting tangled when you’re not wearing them. 

Use Tissue Boxes

For storing plastic grocery bags for re-use or recycling, you can simply stuff the empty bags into old tissue boxes that can be stored in your pantry or under your sink. Just grab one when you need it. You can use paper towel tubes for the same purpose. They won’t hold as many bags, but they are a slimmer option. 

Try a few of these clever storage ideas to create a home with less clutter. 

If you have any further suggestions add them to our local discussion that we have started up on Homely about “How to use home goods to save space” 

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