Your sheet buying guide to stay cool this summer

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4 min readAre you having trouble getting a decent night’s sleep on the sweltering and uncomfortable summer nights we’ve been having lately?

An affordable and easy place to start is to replace your bedding with lighter summer sheets!

While it may sound like a simple task, choosing the right summer sheets can be daunting, especially with the huge selection of sheets available labelled ‘luxury pure linen’.

So, to help you get started here’s our summer sheet buying guide outlining what to look for when searching for new slumber friendly bedding for the warmer months.

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Choose the right material.

Basically, the right material for your summer sheets is dependent on your personal preferences. If what you’re looking for are sheets that are very light, your best option would be those that are made with cotton-poplin.

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Another good investment is pure cotton sheets. If what you want is a sheet that is soft, breathable and versatile, this is the way to go. Not only do they feel comfy, this material also works effectively regardless of the weather. With cotton, you’ll feel cool in summer but also stay warm during the colder seasons.

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Last but not least is linen sheets. While they’re usually on the more expensive side, it is a popular option because of the natural cooling effect they allow even when it is warm or in areas where humidity is very high. There are more affordable linen sheet options, however, you have to be careful as the lower price usually affects the quality and feel of the sheet, where the texture can tend to feel rough on the skin. So always make sure you’re happy with the texture before you buy linen sheets.

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Don’t rely solely on thread count.

While bed sheet manufacturers never fail to put emphasis on ‘the higher the better’ thread count mentality, this practice can actually lead you to the wrong choice. Many people will consider sheets with higher thread count as the ones with superior quality, when in fact, this isn’t always the case.

During summer a sheet with a 1000 thread count is stiffer, making it more difficult for air to pass through it. A sheet with at least a 200 thread count can be a great choice to stay cool. Not only are they very soft and beautiful, they also allow air to pass through so you can feel cool and comfortable while you’re sleeping.

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How to care for your summer sheets:

Whatever your choice is, proper care is important, especially if you’ve splashed out on the best of the best linen sheets. Here are some basics of caring for your summer sheets:

Avoid using fabric softeners. Harmless as they may seem to be, fabric softener can eat away fabrics and damage your sheets. Furthermore, the chemicals that soften the fabric make them more susceptible to wear and tear, meaning they won’t last you in the long run.

● Don’t use hot water when washing the sheets, nor over dry them in high heat. This can easily result in damage as it will cause the thread to expand and shrink. When that happens, the weave will loosen and will cause easier and faster break down.

● The best practice when washing your sheets is to use lukewarm water. Keeping them from being exposed to high heat will extend the life of your sheets.

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We hope these tips put you on track to have a more comfortable night’s sleep this summer.

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