Décor inspiration from classic blockbusters

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5 min readClassic films are known for immersing viewers in rich scenery to make them feel like they’re living in the world of the movie. Why not do that for real?

Image: Erin Holcomb, It’s Complicated

The following cult-classic films incredible sets and residences provide amazing inspiration for decorating your home. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which movie will be the inspiration for your redecorating project.

The Great Gatsby

The 2013 version of the film may have gotten mixed reviews—but did you see the gorgeous sets? They’re Art Deco at its most magnificent. While you don’t have to go as extravagant as the movie sets, touches of glam Gatsby-esque design can really make a room pop.

Image: Little Miss Architect

Add a few metallic statement pieces as focal points. A bright mirror, floaty sheer curtains, a vase and other metallic touches make a room. Dark, exotic woods are great to use to balance out the metallic and feminine touches.

18 Southey Street, Elwood, VIC

Art Deco is all about geometric patterns, too, so try adding an intricate geometric rug to timber flooring or luxe wallpaper. It’s all about looking lavish—even if you choose to do a lot of it using homemade DIY Pinterest projects. They’ll never be able to tell!

For sale: 1 Rupert Terrace, Ascot, QLD

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly’s apartment is basically every girl’s dream. It’s eclectic and fun, with bursts of bold colour to stand out against the neutral scheme of the rest of the place. Patterned wallpaper also adds a fun touch. And who could forget her iconic bathtub sofa or iron scroll bed? Her quirky accents are something that never goes out of style.

Image: Hotel-R

Follow Holly’s lead by starting with a simple layout and colour scheme—then spice it up with bold statement pieces. If you aren’t into wallpaper, put some interesting artwork on the walls. Use bright colours and zebra print for things you want to stand out. If you really want to go that bit further with the Tiffany’s theme, accent the room with accessories in the unmistakable Tiffany blue.

Image: Visi Build

Mamma Mia

This film showcases a bohemian vibe—but with a Mediterranean costal theme in the mix too. Whites and blues are prominent, along with bolder accent colours like red. The rooms are breezy and laid-back and the furniture looks shabby chic and adorned with interesting textural bed linen and embroidered quilts and cushions.

Image: Amazon

One of the best features Mamma Mia boasts is the unique lighting. Try hanging lantern lights, a rustic chandelier or basket pendant light. Open layouts are great for a beachy vibe, so try to maximise the space in the room. Use white washed woods, crochet and wicker furnishings and keep things airy, white and light with curtains. A few focal pieces like a jute rug or handmade quilt help bring the lived-in, cosy familial feeling to life.

8 Paradise avenue, Avalon Beach, NSW

Annie Hall

Annie Hall is the perfect inspiration for avant-garde and bohemian style. The film is full of 1970s style, with rich, earth colours and a mismatched artsy style. Spaces look lived in and filled with things that were picked up from flea markets and adventures around the world.

Image: Lotus & Fig

This style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re adventurous, like collecting one off pieces and love travelling, it’s perfect. Hunt for authentic 70s furniture at thrift shops, flea markets and secondhand stores—maybe even keep an eye out for garage sales or on the kerbside come hard rubbish time. If you travel a lot, pick up things from different cultures to add. Look for unique vintage pieces and worldly art. Boho-chic isn’t about matching everything exactly. Throwing things together works best for this kind of design style.

81 Elliott Street, Balmain, NSW

Blade Runner

Dystopian science fiction is a great place to find inspiration for industrial and futuristic design. The film features tile that’s inspired by computer parts and there’s a ton of neon and interesting art pieces. Though it can look a tad bleak, it’s all about the little touches that add life to it.

Image: Architect

A great place to start for an industrial style is exposed steel piping. Instead of hiding it, embrace it. If you don’t have those already, make the look yourself with shelving or a desk built with industrial iron pipe and reclaimed timber. Edison lamps provide the perfect vintage industrial look when it comes to lighting. The colours are usually limited in this sort of décor, so bring some brightness into it with a bold art piece or a colourful neon sign.

Image: Grig Stamate

It’s Complicated

Meryl Streep’s Santa Barbara home perfectly encapsulates the rustic chic look that’s currently on-trend. It has cottage/barn-inspired décor without taking things too far. The key to the beachy rustic look is to find the perfect balance so it doesn’t look overdone.

Image: Hooked on Houses

Look for furnishings that are rough around the edges and don’t look mass-produced. Rough woods are perfect for this. Use linen or burlap for textiles so that they have some texture and character. While brown and other earthy colours are staples, make sure it isn’t too bland and neutral. Use some whites or a bright colour like warm oranges and sunny yellows to make sure things don’t get too drab. Wicker baskets are good for storage as well as being great accent pieces.

For sale: 111 Milson Road, Cremorne Point, NSW

Movies aren’t just for entertainment—they’re great for style inspiration as well. Who wouldn’t want to live in the world of their favourite movie? If you do style a room after a film, include a framed movie poster or another little nod as to where you got the ideas—it’s like an Easter egg for your guests!

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