Step back in time: 70s home décor trends making a comeback

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5 min readIt’s boho, it’s glam and downright groovy, 1970s style is set to take interiors by storm this year.

From shag pile rugs, to colourful velvet sofas, retro peacock chairs and house plants galore, there’s something to excite everyone about this fun 70s décor style revival.

So, pull out your flared pants, fire up the record player and dust of your macramé patterns, here are seven easy ways to bring some free-spirited 70s vibes into your home.

Image: Ellie Lillstrom Photography


Macramé plant hangers

Bring some swingin’ 70s flare to any room with macramé hangers. Display your fave plant varieties, terrarium or pots in knotted macramé plant holders hung from ceilings, awnings, windowsills, pergolas or verandas. Remember to make sure your cradled pots have adequate drainage to keep the plants happy or bring in fake greenery for no fuss no muss.

Take it a step further and use neon coloured cotton cord macramé hangers to hold your toothbrush in a jar in the bathroom, organise utensils in the kitchen or store stationary over your desk. So many possibilities!

Image: Warp & Weft


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Wall hangings

Don’t just stop at macramé hangers, turn your walls into something special with knotty and chunky woven macramé wall hangings. Think of these groovy tapestries as ‘fibre art’ that adds warmth, texture and life to stark walls. With their growth in popularity of late, woven hangings are available to buy in a huge range of colours, patterns, materials and styles to suit almost any décor scheme.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling crafty why not take a class or buy a kit and learn how to make your own. You can use dip-dyeing, tassels and beads to customise your wall hanging to suit your homes unique style. Use thick black cord for a more contemporary look or work shells and driftwood into an undyed yarn weave for a Hamptons feel.

Some contemporary macramé artists have even used macramé techniques to fashion incredibly intricate chandeliers.

Image: Ran Ran Design


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Wicker furniture

Another staple of 70s households set for a comeback is statement wicker furniture. Keep an eye out for oh so glamorous and exotic peacock chairs, hanging egg chairs, elaborate wicker framed mirrors and curvy wicker bed heads in natural and fresh sorbet hues.

27 Weber Street, Brighton, VIC


A stately peacock chair would look at home perched on a veranda, in a living room that lacks drama or in an entryway that needs a welcoming focal point. A whitewashed version would be perfect for a beachy aesthetic or opt for a vibrant turquoise or sunny yellow for a show stopper that instantly makes any room pop.

Image: The Family Love Tree


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Shag pile rugs

Draw inspiration from the soft and luxurious shag pile carpet that was all the rage in homes during the 70s by bringing in a contemporary version in rug form. Think about plush textiles like sheepskin rugs and shaggy floor rugs that feel just amazing underfoot to instantly glam up any 21st century bedroom or living area.

If you want something subtle opt for a Beni Ourain rug. They usually feature a white or cream carpet pile and are made from 100 per cent natural wool. Plus, the geometric zig zag design will add interest and warmth to your floors, without being too over the top.

3 Sydenham Street, Seddon, VIC


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Moroccan poufs

Moroccan leather ottomans are another retro feature coming back in vogue from the 1970s. The Moroccan pouf has a variety of great features. Not only does it look rad, it’s a versatile piece of furniture you can scatter just about anywhere. You can use them as a foot stool, a side table to hold magazines, remotes etc. or as extra seating for a larger gathering.

For sale: 27 Burns Road, Wahroonga, NSW


Amp up Moroccan theming by selecting vibrant colours for your poufs. Think turquoise, bright yellow and even a shimmering gold. Match them with lanterns, berber baskets, Moroccan wedding cushions and pom pom blankets to take the look to the next level.

Image: Barefoot Gypsy


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Velvet sofas

The 70s were all about playful embellishments and incorporating tantalising textures throughout the home. What better and more luxurious feeling fabric is there than luscious velvet. If your old fabric couch is looking a tad tired why not have it reupholstered in your favourite style of velvet to give it a fresh crisp look.

Image: California Home Design


If you’re not willing to commit 100 per cent to a large velvet statement piece, bring in some velvety throw cushions in jewel stone shades like emerald, canary yellow and amethyst, to play with the trend.

18 Southey Street, Elwood, VIC


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Jungle fever

When it came to house plants in the 70s the motto ‘the more the merrier’ certainly rang true, with many living rooms commonly overflowing with plants. Create a lush eclectic 70s inspired urban oasis in your living area by mixing and matching pots of spider plants, cactuses, rubber plants, jade plants, birds nest ferns, fiddle leaf fig trees and mother-in-law’s tongue.

Image: The Family Love Tree


For your bohemian indoor jungle, you want to pick an area that gets adequate sunlight during the day but is away from the heater or heating ducts to keep the temperature consistent. Use a plant stand or bench to display the plants at different heights to make the composition feel and look lush and full.

If you can’t commit to the full jungle look and watering commitment, simply inject a bit of 70s glam and greenery with the odd hanging and potted plant here and there.

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For more fresh home decor inspiration take a look at our predictions for the top 5 hottest interior design trends of 2017 and 9 easy ways to makeover your home.

Happy decorating!

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