7 creative ways to add Dulux’s 2019 Colour Forecast into your home

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If you’re looking for quick and simple way to inject some colour into your home, then look no further. We’ve come up with seven creative ways to use Dulux’s latest on-trend bold paint colours (without having to paint an entire room!).

There are three things I love receiving in the mail:

  • An Ikea catalogue,
  • an invitation to an event,
  • and of course, the annual Dulux Colour Forecast.

The reveal of the 2019 Dulux Colour Forecast was well worth the wait as they were right up my alley. They were bright, bold, eclectic and fun. Actually, I was so pumped about the colours (particularly the Identity palate) that I visited my local paint store that weekend and bought three sample pots for a special project I was working on. Hello colourful home!

Image: Trish Martin of @itschromatical Colour – Dulux Painted Clay

Playful & bold

‘Featuring striking blues, purples and shades of citrus, this palette encourages you to incorporate a playful side into your decor’, says Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr.

Image: Dulux

Being someone who sees a white wall as an opportunity, I was delighted to discover the lively and bold bursts of the 80s are back in vogue. The colours are a collection of true statement colours that make you feel like anything goes again. Red and blue? Sure! Red and green? Why not! Pink and red? Go for it! Memphis design is back baby.

Old Money, Mondrian Blue and Golden Sands (see above) were the colours that I came home with. They are incredibly strong and bold colours that I couldn’t wait to dip my brush into.

As you can see I only painted a small area. An entire feature wall or room may be overkill with colours this bold unless you’re super brave, but in small quantities alongside crisp whites or a softer palate, these colours can bring an entire room together.

Other than a wall, where can you incorporate these colours?

So if you’re dying to get these colours into your life but don’t want that ‘bright colour overload, I need my sunnines!’ feeling, I’ve got a few ideas for places to paint – that aren’t walls.

  • Paint your front door. Is there anything happier or more welcoming than a bright front door? Nope! Pick something that reflects you, that’s memorable and makes you feel like you’re walking into a big warm hug when you come home (it’ll also boost your kerb appeal and get the neighbours talking for sure!).
  • Paint the door frames of internal doors. That little surprise when you open a door and see the hint of colour along the inside edge is always one to delight visitors and add that hint of wow.
  • If you’re a bit of a gun with the old paintbrush, bring the latest 2019 colours into your own original piece of art.

Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 –Identity Palette. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

  • Paint a piece of furniture. Reinvigorate something old with a hit of fresh colour. The best part is that next year you can paint it all over again with the latest colour trends which helps reduce landfill by reusing and repurposing.
  • Feeling daring? If you’re blessed enough to have a boxed-in staircase you probably have the most impactful opportunity on your hands. If you have timber rail posts they’d also look incredible in a bold hue however if you ever want to strip them back before painting you’d be in for a bit of work.

Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 –Identity Palette. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

  • Think outside the square and paint a circle (or any shape you like) on the wall. It could be behind a desk or around a shelf so that it has a purpose and feels like it’s meant to be there. A shape, even like the semicircle above can add that unique point of difference to a space (and gets you out of painting an entire wall or worse taking hours to paint an entire room!).

  • Roof beams? Columns? I’m so jealous. They look incredible painted in a room. No longer are they things that are inconvenient structural necessities and in the way, they’re an eye-catching feature.

Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 –Identity Palette. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

Dulux explains, ‘The Identity palette is all about bold experimentation combining block colour, clashing patterns, texture and mixing gloss levels, resulting in an ‘anything goes’ look that is playful, optimistic and youthful’. And this is the very reason I just had to have it in my own home.

Here’s some inspo from my latest project using a shade from the Identity colour range.

Image: Trish Martin of @itschromatical Colour – Dulux Mondrian Blue

For more colour ideas and painting tips take a look at our guide to DIY painting and Dulux’s colour trends for 2018.

Happy painting!

The Homely Team

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