10 ways to embrace flower power at home this spring

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This year don’t shy away from embracing all the flowery positivity and renewal the wonderful season of spring brings. Instead of getting caught up in the dread of seasonal allergies and the thawing of winter, look forward to all the goodness that comes with spring by working the season into your everyday home life.

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Read on for classy and effortless techniques and inspiration to embrace flower power at your place this spring. You’ll love the way these simple spring themed ideas will cover your home and lift your spirits.

1. Get into gardening.

Gardening can be anything from growing organic vegetables on the porch of your apartment or watering a tiny flower in a pot by your bedside. If you haven’t found you have a natural green thumb, look online or talk to local nursery staff to see what plants are best for beginners, and see if you can grow some flowers on your own. The earthy smell of soil and the vibrant sight of beautiful fresh flowers is what spring is all about.

2. Do a literal spring clean.

Every year, people talk about what they want to achieve when they do a spring clean. There’s something about throwing away the old and ushering in the new during spring that feels so right. Crunched on time? Do a quick spring clean that will be short but satisfying without ruining your Saturday afternoon plans.

3. Host a dinner party.

The other thing about spring that seems to infect everyone is the desire to get outside again. Even if you don’t have summer temperatures just yet, anything warmer than freezing is still a great reason to get outdoors. To make the most of the slightly warmer temps, host a spring dinner party outdoors. Here are some spring decorating trends to make the dinner even more festive. Plan a menu that will emphasise the transition from winter to warmer months.

4. Plant seeds of wisdom.

As the plants around you start to blossom and bloom, people will embrace spring as a season of personal growth as well. Reading inspirational books or attending public lectures about wisdom, new ideas and beauty will allow you to go back to your friends and family with seeds of knowledge you can plant in their hearts and minds.

5. Floral inspired decor.

For those who aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with a green thumb, there are hundreds of ways bring pretty spring vibes into your home with organically themed decor. Try your hand wabi-sabi style which is all for showcasing natural materials and the imperfect. Alternatively, incorporate bold floral textiles, patterns and prints into art, soft furnishings and surfaces.

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6. Invest in a dehumidifier.

Having more plants and floral arrangements around your home will invite allergens into your living space, even if you carefully select plants to grow yourself. A dehumidifier will help remove potential allergens from the atmosphere in your home so you don’t have to live in discomfort while enjoying everything spring has to offer.

7. Try floral essential oils.

While you’re waiting for your plants to grow, or if your indoor plants just don’t have the sweet scent you’re after, try out some floral essential oils instead. They’ll provide the floral aroma you desire this spring without adding any harmful chemicals or additives into the air within your home.

8. Enjoy a spring drink.

After the weather starts getting cool, one of the natural reactions to a change in temperature is to switch up your daily eating routine. Sandwiches and salads get replaced with stews and steaming mugs of coffee. The same goes for spring! Get creative and try a new refreshing spring drink that will look just as good as it tastes. You’ll love having something new to enjoy on your own or make for others at your next dinner party.

9. Try new foods.

Seasonal foods and recipes will soon be all over your social media feeds as people go strawberry picking and start experimenting in the kitchen. Foods in spring typically focus on light, seasonal fruit and produce, and aren’t typically hot dishes, which is why so many people eat salad in the spring.

So make sure the fridge is stocked with fresh salad supplies and luscious fruit to snack on. You can set out a delicious strawberry salad for dinner between floral arrangements and even get spring table decor to make the whole theme sing.

10. Buy a lovely wreath.

Certain decorations only look right at certain times of the year, like sparkling snowflake lights during the Christmas holidays. A welcoming door wreath is wonderful because they fit any season. Get a basic green wreath as a foundation and add lush spring blooms to it from there. You can take them out later and replace them with different colours over the warmer months and even transition it into a autumn and winter theming when the time is right.

You might have failed to embrace past spring seasons because of time, finances or one of the other millions of reasons plans can get derailed at a moment’s notice. This spring, don’t let time fly! Hand pick your favourite ideas from above to welcome the new season and warmer weather into your home.

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