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"A convenient commercial and industrial precinct."

Malaga is about 11km from the CBD and is situated on Alexander Drive, after the Dianella/Morley outskirts and just before Ballajura. There are approximately 12 000 people working in the area and over the last 5 years the range of goods and services offered in the area has grown tremendously. Malaga has grown from a place of minor industry and the home of the local mechanic, into a major commercial and industrial hub. In the late 80s the main activity was on Victoria Rd and the other major access roads like Malaga Dr, Trugannia etc.... were lined with bush. As a nearby resident I was saddened to see all the native banksia bushland slowly disappear. After returning to the area after a few years, it was hard to navigate the streets because there were no land marks anymore (read trees!) - it was all buildings. There were also many more streets just to confuse the matter and they all started to look the same. These days you can find pretty much anything you want in Malaga from food to furniture. White goods, bedding and also with a Harvey Norman and Bunnings being built a few years ago pretty much everything you need for the house. The commercial area has diversified and has an abundance of kitchen specialists, metal works and furniture makers. The Malaga Markets are open on the weekends and there is a good selection of fast food outlets including Chinese and other cuisines. The area is surrounded by housing and there is a steady stream of business for the area. However, there is no residential component to the suburb. Buses pass by on Alexander Dr and Ballajura provides a nearby shopping centre. Incidently, Malaga is also the home of the RSPCA headquarters with their land bordering the Tonkin/Reid Hwy.

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