What are the schools like on the Sunshine Coast?

In particular Maleny High School.
Hi Vicki, Thank you for your answer. Montville State School is in a very beautiful setting and l am sure this school will be perfectly suited for your children, l have actually spoken to Parents of children who attend the school and they say they love it. My Children are in secondary school, private schools presently in Brisbane and l do not want to do the shuttle to Brisbane every day. I am hoping that Maleny High School has a slightly alternative edge to compliment the Hinterland way of life, a good music program and a selection of perhaps more wholistic options for studying in secondary school. I would love to hear from any Students or parents of students who attend Maleny High. I think you
will love the area when you move here, it is unique and very beautiful.
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Vicki77 2yrs+
HI Kelly, I have flown from PERTH twice in 2011 to visit the schools of MALENY & MONTVILLE to find out for myself what the schools are like . I was fortunate to have a tour with the Principle of both schools as I have a younger daughter. Both schools looked to be well resourced as in they have received the federal funding for schools building program. The appealing thing is the size of the schools as they are smaller, it would be expected that more individual attention would be offered to the children which was the general feeling I got from discussions. My daughter cant wait to start at Montville primary , the children were very friendly to her when we visited. My son would be starting high school but is very apprehensive to start a new life in QLD and leave friends behind. Positive points for Maleny high school is the size, Agriculture/ agri biz curriculum , flexible learning programs. distance learning program to name a few. It would be nice to hear from other parents of the schools as I asked the same question over a year ago & got no feed back so I hope this helps. Hopefully we will get over there this year.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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