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"A safe enviorment for all. Very cheap rent. Low resale value"

I was born in Manangatang in 1933. The son of a long established wheat farmer. During my time there it had basically everything one would want in so much as it had 2 butchers, 2 cafes, 2 grocery shops and an agent for every type of car or machinery that existed. We had dances, pictures and all sporting facilities that made Manangatang a great little place. There was really no need to leave to town to shop.. In the mid 1950,s this started to change as more and more cars came on the road. Pople started to leave town to shop and the facilities disappeared as well as the population dropping.. I left the town in 1955 but have had ties to the tpown ever since. Our farm was spld and my mother and father died but I had brothers who lived there, and to this day a brother lives there, so Have had strong ties to the town. The population has shrunk but the old type of spirit still exists among the towns people. Many a good day can still be had in Manangatang The football team still exists but is combined with another town. Tennis and cricket still carries on but unfortunately shopping facilities do not exist

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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