Family friendly Townsville, Rocky, Bundaberg, Maroochydore or Brisbane?

We're looking to move to QLD from TAS next year, for a new adventure for our young family (3 kids under 4). I'm keen to get advice as to narrowing down where to live. We have no restrictions as to where we'd live. All we know is we're after a laid back lifestyle, while still having decent shopping accessible (even if in the next town over).
I understand that away from Brisbane the employment market can become narrow, but we're willing to try. I work for the Federal Government in project management and my husband works in Fleet and Procurement (so our skills are quite transferable). For the kids, we would like safe, safe, safe with good schools, a pool and facilities to give them the 'QLD experience', we'd rather not be in the hustle and bustle and are willing to commute up to about 30 minutes.
Any advice or guidance appreciated :-)
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