Considering move to Maryborough Qld

Im a sole parent and am on permanent disability. Prior to this Ive worked as an executive assistant in high corporate and government positions. I have a mind to turn my hand to writing and Maryborough seems to be calling to me. I have lived all over the eastern seaboard from Torress Straits to Melbourne. I began life on a farm in Wagga Wagga NSW in a small country town of 700. Ive waited a long time for financial settlement from ex partner and will soon receive a small amount which might allow me to purchase a house in this area or Gympie or Bundaberg. I have family in Harvey Bay for emergencies.
Ive seen that there is a drug problem (for most country towns this true). We cannot escape this anywhere in the world. Its a move I would like to make for the weather and for peace and quiet. Im not one for going out much but love writing and arts and love the history of the town and the beautiful properties. I have a 7yo son and would like to stay in one place for a long time. To make a home and some good quality friends. I see there is a Christian College - my son is mildly autistic - more hyperactive than anything. Excellent at reading and maths and even into programming. Are they an inclusive school? Hes also a nature buff and loves being on a farm so the agricultural program is advantageous for us. Is there little athletics in the town?
Also which streets or suburbs would you gravitate towards for safety in both socio-economic reasons and for minimising flood damage and insurance premiums?
Is there anything else you can tell me about the town which is positive? Or any other suggestions for where to move permanently on a budget?
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Have no Idea how old this post is- I am guessing it is years old so I will not bother to comment 21/10/20

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