Request for Maryborough locals to give an opinion of the best areas to live in for a family

My husband, my 2 year old daughter and myself are looking to re-locate to Maryborough on a property around 3 acres in size. I am wondering if any locals could let me know what areas to stay away from as we have already had a dreadful experience in a Brisbane suburb.

Also what is the employment situation like up there for boilermakers and administation workers?

Thanks heaps in advance for your help.
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I'm not a local but after much research I'm moving there with my daughter (who is also two), so I hope this information helps; Maryborough is considered as the major commercial center for Wide Bay which is the fastest growing regions in Australia. From what I can gather there are a quite a few big industries such as CMC, NEC, Maryborough Sugar Factory, Walkers just to name a few.
Maryborough does have a higher then average unemployment, in 2006 cenus it was 8% and the average in Australia was 5.2%, in saying that in early 2010 the Government began a series of considerable investments into the Mary Economic Region to drive future economics.

I think that you should not have an issue finding employment, especially in both skill area's considering also that you will be in easy distance from places like, Hervey Bay, Bunderburg and Gympie.

I am also interested to hear from a local, research can only tell you so much. I'll be moving in 8weeks from Brisbane and it is a scary and big move for me too. Good Luck and I hope I have helped, even a little.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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