Is Medowie a safe place to live?

Me and my husband are looking at moving to the area.
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ajj2 May 12, 2020
In my experience, (6 years), yes I think it is safe generally, or more so, not less safe than other areas. However, dont expect to see any regular patrol of police - i think I have only seen police in the area twice in 6 years. Based on stats I researched a while ago, motor vechicle theft was high.It might depend on which section in Medowie that you live in. The older areas of medowie may have lower socio-demographics and/or more isolated, rural blocks. However the newer sections/estates are smaller blocks, and cost 700k upwards for a 4 bedroom house. They are mostly family/retirees.

When I first moved in myself, I thought I did witnessed someone creeping around my neighbours side section of the house, potentially scoping for a break-in. My dog and the dog across the road were both going nuts and the person appeared to promptly run away after I came outside and caught a glimpse them briefly over the fence. Im still unsure exactly what was happening - possibly an attempt to break in to their laundry door, which I have a clear view of from my patio.

Otherwise, I have thought Ive heard people trying to open /break into screen doors at night when ive been home, but never had strong evidence after investigating. I have experienced a hard-core attempt to break in to previous residence in a suburb about 20 minutes away (unsuccessful due to security screens), so I am very security concious. I have security doors and screens on this house - i figure if nothing else it may deter them.

Ive never felt unsafe walking around Medowie during the day. As mentioned, I think its fairly safe owner-occupied neighbourhood but as with anything, depends where you live.
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