Need suggestion in choosing a neightbourhood in Mel?

We are moving from Sydney to Melbourne with our 4 year old daughter. Looking for suggestions on neighbourhood. Many of our friends suggest to go Dandenong and few suggest to go northeast. But our only concern is safety and other factors like open parks for the littleone and good amount shops and daycare. We are OK to travel 45 minutes to CBD , but looking for a family friendly suburb. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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Dandenong is definitely not the way to go, with too many illiterate people and too much gangs in the area which is also starting to affect the suburb of endeavour hills,(which used to be a very upscale suburb), if you want to live quite close to the CBD, around 15-20 minutes to the CBD, yet want to buy a 3 bedroom home for around $450k-550k, which is safe I'd recommend Dallas/Meadow Heights or Jacana. There is also Broadmeadows Shopping Centre, which has ample shops and also has a cinema. The only downside to these suburbs is the lack of parking and traffic it's honestly a nightmare sometimes. I'd not recommend going to live in Point Cook,Tarneit or Truganina area, or any area in the west which is crazy cheap, mainly because it's not safe and the fact that the Westgate Freeway is hell in the morning, you have to leave home at 6:00 if you want to get to work at 8:00. If you dont mind living a bit further away from the city, I'd highly recommend City of Casey, which is one of the safest places to live in Melbourne (Outer), I'd highly recommend Narre Warren and Clyde North because of how many facilities they have. Narre Warren might not always seem the safest, but it has the most amazing facilities from the Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, which pretty much has everything, from Rebel to Nike to Apple to Samsung. It pretty much has everything, and clyde north is also a mere 10 minutes from the sea yet also really close to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. Traffic is also non-existent in Clyde North compared to the other suburbs, however Narre Warren might be a bit congested. Clyde North is also really family friendly with parks around every corner and shopping centres within a kilometre. Houses around there retail from $500k-$750k, it is a bit more expensive than Dallas or Western Melbourne. Narre Warren is a tiny bit more expensive than Clyde North, with houses from $600k to 800k$. If getting to the CBD within 20 minutes is your main concern then I'd highly recommend Dallas, as it is the cheapest you'll probably every get, however Clyde North has a lot of facilities compared to Dallas and Broadmeadows so if your very family orientated I'd recommend that more.

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also ignore the stats of crime in Clyde North, in my 5 years of living here, I have never experienced or seen a crime incident,(most of the reports are from like 2017 lol).

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